Online Performance Optimization | Contentimize

Contentimize is a Denver based Online Performance Optimization micro agency. Our main objective is to analyze the performance of websites and apply strategies for better search visibility, better performance. better ROI, and better online presence.

Our main services spin around:

  • SEO Performance Analysis – If your site suffers from poor SEO and/or you feel that your SEO agency is a bit sloppy, we would be glad to to perform independent audit and provide you with genuine conclusions and further suggestions.
  • PPC Spend and Performance Research – You’re running an AdWords campaign, spending a small fortune monthly and not seeing proper results. Something clearly is not working right. Let us glance at the campaigns and try to optimize.
  • Content Development Strategy – Users and search engines both like fresh, interesting content. We can help in establishing proper content strategy for the long and short runs and improve both organic performance and user engagement.
  • Online Development & UX Consulting – Thing about website reconstruction? Need advise on best performance practices or guidance during the development process? We’re here to help. Smart website development leads to better user experience. Build it, and they will come.

If your website performs poorly and you would like a professional audit and a honest game plan – we got you covered. Our crew has solid experience in content and information architecture, SEO, online development and UX could help improve your site, increase sales and improve ROI. We specialize in both small local websites and international ecommerce top-traffic sites.
We play it straight and apply only white-hat, user-centered optimization methods in our work and strive to produce a clean, robust product.