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Importance of Micro-Moments in eCommerce

Micro-moments are potentially one the most crucial touch-points of the consumer with your brand, and this must be taken into account when planning the eCommerce marketing strategy of a brand. Let’s dive in a little and “think like Google”, ’cause

Our Favorite SEO Analysis Programs

There are numerous SEO tracking programs out there and sometimes it is hard to choose one. Yet, successful SEO strategy could be achieved even by using only Google’s free tools: Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Yet, after years of

What is Schema Markup?

Schema markup is, simply put, a code layer that’s applied to certain page or pages of the website and it provides additional information, aka “structured data”, for the search engines on the content that is found on the page(s). There

How to Get More Reviews From Your Clients?


INCREASE THE NUMBER OF REVIEWS FAST! One of the toughest things for business owners is to get reviews from their customers. Sometimes, being real good just doesn’t cut it and more proactive approach is required to kick in. How, then,

Local SEO – Main Ingredients for Success!


WHAT YOUR SEO COMPANY NEED TO DO FOR YOUR LOCAL SEO Many companies are offering “Local SEO” services. In this article, we will outline the main elements that have the most impact on local SEO that should be practiced. This

How to Choose Digital Marketing Agency – Practical Tips

CHOOSING THE BEST AGENCY Choosing a service provider is indeed a tricky experience. We never sure what will we get, and we do whatever we can in order to finalize a decision based on many supporting factors. Same goes with

Understanding Basic SEO, PPC & PLA Reports

WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN A TYPICAL DIGITAL MARKETING REPORT During the years, I had to explain really basic metrics to many sites owners who were engaged in SEO, PPC and PLA retainers and did not quite knew what was

Why Websites Need to Disavow Links?

contentimize - link disavow

SAVE YOUR WEBSITE FROM POTENTIAL GOOGLE PENALTY! MAKE SURE THE BACKLINKS ARE LEGIT!  Up until 5-7 years ago, SEO was relatively easy. All that it took was to create/purchase a bunch of backlinks, stuff the web content with keywords and

Best Review Platforms for Local Businesses


APPEAR ON THESE DIRECTORIES FOR BETTER PERFORMANCE Now that we have learned how to get reviews from our clients, we should briefly cover where the best places are to put these reviews in order to create a meaningful impact on

Everything about GMB Listing


WHAT YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW ABOUT GOOGLE MY BUSINESS LISTINGS Google My Business is considered to be one of the more beneficial listings out there, as it is often displayed on both Google and Google’s products. Here’s what it