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What is Schema Markup?

Schema markup is, simply put, a code layer that’s applied to certain page or pages of the website and it provides additional information, aka “structured data”, for the search engines on the content that is found on the page(s). There

Staying Away From BS When Shopping for a New Website


TIPS FOR SPOTTING BAD WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT SHOPS The internet could be a complex place, especially for those who need a service and are not experts in what they seeking for. These folks could become an easy target for companies who

How to Choose Digital Marketing Agency – Practical Tips

CHOOSING THE BEST AGENCY Choosing a service provider is indeed a tricky experience. We never sure what will we get, and we do whatever we can in order to finalize a decision based on many supporting factors. Same goes with

What Are Web Tracking Programs?

Web Analytics are programs that analyze the user interaction on a website by tracking their events (what they’ve done on the website). It is crucial for every website to have some sort of web tracking program installed in order to