How to Get More Reviews From Your Clients?


One of the toughest things for business owners is to get reviews from their customers. Sometimes, being real good just doesn’t cut it and more proactive approach is required to kick in. How, then, you can get more reviews from your clients?


The more reviews – the merrier!


My personal take on this is very simple and reflects my broader approach to online business – there are no free gifts in life and no free play. Everyone wants something for their effort and we should provide just that.
One of the first few things that I was thought in school back in the day was the WIIFM term – that stands for “what’s in it for me”.
People, in general, are very opportunistic and would likely to engage with practices that could provide them some sort of personal profit or gain. From here, when clients ask me about reviews – I always answer “incentives”. In order to get many reviews relatively fast and establish your business quicker I would recommend on the following incentives:

  • Provide discount for next order upon every provided review (if you run an eCommerce website)
  • Offer freebies for reviews
  • Proactively ask each and every customer for a review
  • Consider signing up for advanced review platforms (Trust Pilot, Yotpo, etc.) that have automated e-blast system that asks for reviews
  • Run occasional social media campaigns encouraging posting reviews

Of all these practices, the one which works best, hands down, is the “discounts for reviews” one, which is very straightforward and simply tells the client “you do me a favor – you will get discount on your next order”. These could also be easily tracked with promo codes or other methods.


Reviews are crucial for the business – work hard to get them!


Shopping and eCommerce is all about decision making – that’s it. The various factors may slightly vary but the concept always remains the same – the shopper needs to come to a decision and get support for his decision. The support may come in many ways: general reputation, recommendations from friends and family, and collecting additional information about the product or service – or reviews in other words.
Reviews are the most powerful source of real information since it based, in most cases, on real life experience and that what makes it so valuable tool to grow your business. Furthermore, if 2 identical merchants are selling the same product at the same price, reviews could often be the main mean to distinguish and highlight one’s value and win the customer.