Importance of Micro-Moments in eCommerce

Micro-moments are potentially one the most crucial touch-points of the consumer with your brand, and this must be taken into account when planning the eCommerce marketing strategy of a brand. Let’s dive in a little and “think like Google”, ’cause we always need to find new ways of engagement and new conversion funnels.

What are Micro-moments?

Simply put, Micro-moment occurs when someone feels an urge to check something on his smartphone, sometimes quite suddenly. Happens to all of us, right?
So that moment provides the marketers a golden opportunity to “inject” content or a product offer, as the user already possess a high level of intent.
This strategy is often referred to as “Micro-moment Marketing” in various variations.

How to Figure Micro-moments Out?

The main component to utilize when we try to come up with a fresh Micro-moment strategy would be analytics and data sources, mostly from mobile sources. We need to fully understand the buyer’s journey – from the first impression to the final transaction. Each step of the sales funnel must be investigated thoroughly and we must work with Google Analytics and other analytics to understand where the users are coming from, which devices they use, what pages they browse the most, and what’s their path to conversion. Then we should assure that our marketing targeting is fully optimized according to these factors. The main key here is to address the most appropriate message to the most appropriate audience, that already carries some level of intent, at the very right time. For eCommerce ,often times, it is crucial to optimize the mobile shopping experience and create a dedicated mobile marketing strategy. .

Optimize Targeting – Increase eCommerce Sales!

The idea with the Micro-moment marketing strategy is very simple. To capture that moment when a user might be interested in our service – and serve him an offer he cannot refuse. We use data to understand the exact mobile journey – and design an awesome shopping experience and messaging accordingly. Simple! 🙂