Best Review Platforms for Local Businesses


APPEAR ON THESE DIRECTORIES FOR BETTER PERFORMANCE Now that we have learned how to get reviews from our clients, we should briefly cover where the best places are to put these reviews in order to create a meaningful impact on

Everything about GMB Listing


WHAT YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW ABOUT GOOGLE MY BUSINESS LISTINGS Google My Business is considered to be one of the more beneficial listings out there, as it is often displayed on both Google and Google’s products. Here’s what it

What Are Web Tracking Programs?

Web Analytics are programs that analyze the user interaction on a website by tracking their events (what they’ve done on the website). It is crucial for every website to have some sort of web tracking program installed in order to

In Short, What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is, literally, Google’s analytics platform that measures actions and events on a website using a tracking code. It does not provide statistical data, as some reports are based on traffic samples, but is more of a trend application

What is Anchor Text?

In short, it is the text that appears in the hyperlink. Meaning, if we have a text and we see a word phrase either underlined or usually in blue (what indicated that it is a link) – that text is