How to Choose Digital Marketing Agency – Practical Tips


Choosing a service provider is indeed a tricky experience. We never sure what will we get, and we do whatever we can in order to finalize a decision based on many supporting factors. Same goes with choosing a digital marketing agency that will handle the marketing efforts.

With no further due, here are the things that should be closely examined and put to test once the need to hire a new digital provided arises:

  • Reputation: having good reputation is the cornerstone for each and every brand. Today, when the competition level is high, this is truer than ever. Every brand and company alike want and need to have good reputation.
    Online reputation is easily measured with reviews, discussions and other online notations.
    Look for reviews on Google, Yelp, BBB, Consumer Affairs and others to determine what people actually think.
    Ask for recommendations from the agency and look to read success stories. Go further and see what previous employees think about the job and read reviews on Glassdoor.

That will provide you a good indication on the quality of the provider.

Look for the winning agencies with a good reputation.

  • Having official certifications: official certifications, such as Google AdWords, Google Analytics and Bing Ads indicate on having hands on knowledge and expertise, and they also considered a string signal for mastership. Good agencies would acquire the Google Partner badge and will be proud of that.

Certifications demonstrate on expertise. Ask to see them!

  • Having an updated website: for the most part, most agencies will put the effort in having a nice looking, updated website. Look for news or the blog, and see how often they post news and discuss industry releases. Smart agencies will emphasize their expertise by posting and discussing industry news and providing somewhat unique perspectives. This oftentimes could indicate on high-level service too.

Make sure the website of the agency is updated and aware of current trends.

  • See example reports: by looking at sample reports, you could easily see and read what the agency has worked on an achieved. eCommerce brands should look for revenue metrics since that is the bottom line.

Ask to see some sample reports and ask on main KPIs.

  • Ask for promised results – and receive an honest answer: perhaps the foremost important advice would be to simply challenge the agency for expected results. The main answer you would want to hear should be an overall realistic range and no guarantees.
    Marketing is about trial and error, and too many marketers are not even aware of this logic. The are no identical scenarios alike and no one can guess the outcome. The most responsible answer that an intelligent marketer would give to such question would be an estimate that sounds achievable.
    If someone guarantees results, by all means – stay away.

Use common sense. It saves trouble and money.

Bottom line, whoever needs to hire a good digital service provider, will definitely need to take the time and do some homework and reading prior to that. Focusing on these steps should assist with getting the best bang for the buck.