What Are Web Tracking Programs?

Web Analytics are programs that analyze the user interaction on a website by tracking their events (what they’ve done on the website).

It is crucial for every website to have some sort of web tracking program installed in order to be able to analyze the data and figure out what is going on and what needs to be fixed.

Web Tracking to Understand UX

We need accurate (more or less) data in order to determine which events are being completed on the site and track down the user-experience enhancements that could be applied to improve it. Oftentimes, it is recommended to have several tracking apps installed in order to minimize data discrepancy.

Market-Leading Web Analytics Programs to Consider

If you are considering investing resources into a new tracking program, we recommend on the following:

  • Google Analytics – the basic tracking program and it’s free. Easily integrates with all other Google tools, as well.
  • SEMrush – a must-have program for any eCommerce merchant, this tool covers most needs.
  • MOZ – another good program with many features, excels mainly for SEO and search experience enhancement.
  • Kissmetrics – one of the best web analytic apps for eCommerce, mainly works well for developed brands.
  • Screaming Frog – the best program for technical analysis of a website for SEO and general optimization purposes.
  • HotJar – market-leading app to capture heatmaps, click-maps, video tracking, surveys and user interaction tracking.

There are tons of other web analytics programs out there, and a quick Googling will reveal numerous options – however, we strongly recommend these above all the rest due to the features and tracking options.