Best Review Platforms for Local Businesses



Make sure your brand has review profiles on these platforms!

Now that we have learned how to get reviews from our clients, we should briefly cover where the best places are to put these reviews in order to create a meaningful impact on the online business’s visibility. There are several common platforms that should be utilized in that sense:

  • Google My Business – one of the first and foremost important places to have as many reviews as possible is on Google My Business listing. The more reviews here – the merrier. Since GMB is integrated with Google Maps it also helps with better visibility and somewhat better CTR on Google Maps. So invest in this channel and nurture it. Get as many reviews as humanly possible and see the magic happen.


  • Yelp – one of Google’s main competitors in the local market sphere, these 2 giants have seen various battles before. Yelp is an independent service with its own local business database that is separate from Google. Yelp is also a highly trusted brand within the U.S. market and enjoys a lot of direct traffic from browsers looking for reviews.
    Every business must take the time and invest in its Yelp profile: make sure the NAP is accurate and that the listing has as many reviews as possible.
    Yelp also enjoys very solid SEO, which can almost guarantee the reviews will pop up higher in the organic SERPs.


  • BBB – Better Business Bureau is one of the oldest review institutions for local businesses in the U.S. Trusted by millions, this company has been around for many years and many businesses are proud members. This is another channel worth maintaining, yet it’s a little less impactful than the previous two.


  • Facebook – do not abolish the largest social media channel! Each business page on Facebook has a built-in reviews option and these rank high in the search results, too. In addition, nearly everyone is on Facebook and has the option of quickly browsing for a specific business to get additional details. Make sure to NOT forget Facebook when it comes to reviews.


  • Local directories / niche directories – there are tons of various local directories out there that offer reviews options. For the very most part, most of these are useless and don’t have much traffic. However, for businesses looking to fully utilize every review and SEO source out there – these could actually be an okay option. Don’t expect for magic to happen, but if one needs to place reviews and eventually also increase SEO – the local directories could be an additional option to explore.