Our Favorite SEO Analysis Programs

There are numerous SEO tracking programs out there and sometimes it is hard to choose one. Yet, successful SEO strategy could be achieved even by using only Google’s free tools: Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
Yet, after years of experimenting various options we picked 2 tools that we think are the best for what they do.

SEM Rush

Powertool like no other. Provides insights, analytics, rankings, various intel and stats like a boss. It serves many purposes (SEO, SEM, PLA, technical stuff and much more) and is one of the best inclusive marketing tools out there.
We are would definitely advise to consider this great tool.

Screaming Frog

The best tool for technical SEO and finding highly technical elements on the website. It covers most, if not all of the technical elements and is highly accurate. The subscription is not that pricey too, which makes it even more attractive. This tool is great for tech-heads and has tons of awesome advanced features.

Google Analytics

Probably should be number one, but we’ll take that for granted this time only.
This is ground zero, where all tracking begins. GA provides great insights on the website that will help determine the best optimization strategy.

Google Search Console

Another free tool from the house of Google, GSC allows us to understand how Google sees and indexes our website and whether there are (real) critical errors or malicious actions.
Since both GA and GSC are Google tools, it is highly recommended to install them via GTM.


These are our personal favorite SEO and marketing tools that do a great job at reasonable prices. They are more than enough for one’s strategy and the ability to measure the results relatively accurately. We use them constantly in our SEO audits.
There are a bunch of other great tools other there, yet we focus on most value for the buck.